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Sad that people did it for a long time before AIS with zero ptoblems doing tbe mental calculations.

Sure it can make it easier like gps does for all of us. Pros using it with experience and training are a diffetent animal from the average TFer...but I mentioned that before.

Bet most boats here are piloted and cruised differently than a log boom tow.

People constantly warn me about comparing professional use/acts versus what this forun is really about, and for that I am constantly sorry when I mix the two unecessarily.

I am considered an expert in accident investigation and cockpit ergonomics and crew coordination, but even without those quals...there is tons of info on info overload one can google.

I have left homeport ( if you consider a bunch of the western hemisphere from Pine Island Bay, Antarctica to Nome, Alaska to Nova Scotia leaving homeport) and have towed barges well outside my towboat limitations. Nothing new and one possibly shouldnt make assumptions about the actual field one may not have expertise in.
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