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The isolator or any PN junction is a .6 volt drop. I once had a motor home that had lots of toggle switches with no labels. Well after the battery went dead, I discovered that there was a few solenoids in the battery charging system. Then there was 3 fuel tanks that had solenoids valves to isolate the tanks. Well they averaged 3 amps when on. So the switch to shut them off is a great idea, but it has to be like the ign or start/run switch. I also borrowed a car from a guy and he said the battery went dead over night. So when you disconnect the battery and it arcs when you hook it back up you would think there is a problem. Well I climbed into the trunk and said close the lid. The trunk light was on. I was the hero. After the owner had paid several people to fix it. So you gota be vigilant. gary
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