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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
Wow, lots of wind damage.

Right out of school, I went through hurricane Hugo in Charleston. Lots of wind damage there, too. But there was a pattern detectable: Old structures often failed, new ones did not. The new building codes actually worked. Things built to the new code usually had little damage, maybe shingles or siding.

I think part of the reason there is so much wind damage is that that area has not been hit by a strong storm in a long while (???).

Similar thing to Sandy. A few years before Sandy hit, I transited the area via water and saw what they had built in the shore area. Comment I made to myself was "y'all must not get storms here.." Lots of obviously vulnerable structures. Well, they did get a storm and there was a good bit of weeding of the weak ones. Just like in Charleston and now Corpus area.
Same thing in Crystal Beach Texas for Ike. It was actually comical because there were about a total of 10 new beach houses out of about 500+...and the entire place was absolutely leveled...destroyed....except those few little houses just sitting there all alone. Now EVERYTHING is brand new!!! They will do signifcantly better next time!!
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