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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
DSC is much broader of a feature than the distress button is supposed to enhance tbe concept of radio telephone.

And yes the distress alarm might be different from routine DSC calls, if you were broadcasting a MAYDAY, wouldn't you wan it to be more noticeable?
The DSC panic button is a great feature, but Delfin's experience is likely to lead to people disabling that which is unfortunate.

But using DSC as a way to place routine calls strikes me as an utter failure. It's 10x, no 100x more complicated to call a boat via DSC as compared to "boat, boat, boat, this is other boat on 16". At least half of my VHF manual is about DSC calling, which itself is an indication of total failure.

Looking up another boat's MMSI, entering it into the VHF, then going through the call, accept, etc steps to place a call is simply never going to happen.

Clicking on an AIS boat icon and picking "call boat" might happen, if only it worked. I have yet to hear of any VHF, chart plotter combination that actually will do that, though I suppose they must exist somewhere.

Setting aside the DSC panic button, which as said earlier, I really like, I think DSC is second only to NMEA 2000 in the magnitude of it's failure. And DSC is second only because it can be totally ignored and is hence benign, when N2K will actively screw you up if you let it.

Ah, I feel much better after venting....
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