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Originally Posted by Benthic2 View Post
Could it be this simple ....( link to online manual: file:///C:/Users/Greg/Downloads/M604A_Instruct.pdf)
It is certainly that simple. An ear shattering blast of sound emits from the radio; startled, you leap up spilling your tea and hit your noggin on the overhead; half dazed you lunge for the radio to a.) switch it off, b.) hit channel 16 so that the sound drops from 120 db to around 60 db, c). hit any other button to silence the alarm. The problem is not turning it off, it is the occurrence in the first instance that is the problem. And that only because the cretins who designed this system thought it important for you to be able to hear the alarm from 1/2 mile away even if you happen to be six feet away.
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