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I dont want anyone to follow my advice blindly as I too learn here every day.

The people who say hire a pro within one or sevetal posts I just dont think get the purpose of internet forums. Its only a few and they know who they are.

Anyone can call a pro or read a suspect book passage right off the bat....go for it, why come here?

But if one post saves someone a boat buck who is smart enough to weigh the value of internet posts, then the forum is worth it and tbe naysayers can wallow for all I care.

If I ever give bad advice and sometimes I have, I try quickly to correct it and apologize.

Be hard on the guys who I might not agree with?...I really dont begrudge their opinions...I can allow for a different opinion as I dont have all or the best answers.

But the guy who says hire a pro by post 5 every time, I think is a total detriment to this forum.

Sorry Irv, but I am here to help, not be a yellow pages guy unless we are all stumped.
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