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Originally Posted by Dswizzler View Post
I have been searching online for awhile. for a LED auto/on anchor light, that won't break the bank. I see quite a few out there in the 2-3 hundred dollar range and that is flat silly. All I'm looking for is a good led 350 degree anchor light with a photo on/off cell/diode.

Let me back up abit, I need to replace the light assembly and bulb on my current unit, which sits atop a 24 inch pole. While cruising this year in the Sea of Cortez, I dropped my glass cover for the anchor light that came with the boat. Now it is gone and the base is loose, so I figured time to replace. I've looked at Aqua Signal, Hella, Perko and a few more with little love for their current prices.

We replaced our Perko original with an Attwood 3NM LED version. Reasonable cost, VERY bright, doesn't have an auto-on feature though.

When I say bright, I took a pic of the boat at the dock, with a streetlight in the frame behind the boat. Our anchor light in that pic is comparable in brightness to the streetlight.

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