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Wifey B: Dorsey would never have done anything so dumb. I think you better go treat her to a nice spa treatment and a five star restaurant tonight.

Thank goodness it wasn't the other way around and fuel in water.

We're paranoid over this happening. Now have diesel van and paranoid over putting gas in it. Too many holes and nozzles in all this. Easy enough to stick in in the wrong hole.

We announce to ourselves out loud what we're doing and read what's written on the cap and announce what hose and people look at us like we're idiots in doing so.

Then that's what the polishing guys are for and great you got one who is honest and has determined doesn't have to polish.

We're people, we screw up. It's what we humans are good at. It's why other animals just stare at us in amazement like "did you just see what that human did?"

Spa and dinner for Dorsey and all is forgiven.
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