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Originally Posted by menzies View Post
Thing is, I spill more fuel from these new designs than I ever did with the older models - way to go EPA!
Ditto that! Only bureaucrats could take a relatively simple concept that's worked for years and mandate a change that creates the very problem they're attempting to correct. I believe the new jugs are universally despised. Awkward and messy!

Along the same line, my new remote outboard tank was fitted with a newly designed cap incorporating a tiny duckbill valve that will allow air into the tank, but won't allow any to escape. It created enough pressure in the tank and connected fuel line to open the float valve in the carburetor and flood the engine as well as push fuel out of the cowling. What a mess! What genius in design! I snipped off a corner of the duckbill: problem solved.

These must be the same crop of regulatory wonks who gave us low-flow toilets. Progress!!
Steve Sipe
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