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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy View Post
Have you made it to Gillin Harbour on Dewdney Is yet?
The entrance may be choked w kelp late in the summer.
That would be a place to take your kayaks too.
Nope, not yet. We've only had our boat for 4 years and have been building experience for places like the Estevan Group. So far on summer holidays we've been to Prince Rupert, Gardner Canal, Campania Island, and this summer it was Pruth Bay on Calvert Island. So next year might be the time to explore the Estevan Group

Talking about obscure anchorages; the place out there which has us interested is the uncharted waterway between Dewdney and Barnard Islands which dries at its western end. Anchoring near its western end would allow foot access to the beach at Oswald Bay.

Something to daydream about till next summers vacation...
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