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Originally Posted by Gabe n Em View Post
Huh. Interesting read for sure. I'll look into those ELCIs.

I know a lot of people clean their own boats. I'd be interested to hear of who here has "felt electricity coursing through their dental fillings". I've cleaned 20 or so boats, including our own, and swam around a LOT of docks and can't say I've encountered this phenomena. I guess im's usually in salt or brackish water...

I would think salt water would have more deaths than fresh. Anyone have any guesses as to why? theres a more direct path to ground?
Exactly correct inbrespect to path to ground. Salt water is more conductive than the human body, therefore electricity goes straight to ground in the water.

In fresh water, the body is nore conductive than the water so the electricity takes the easier path through the body.

Not perfect, but it hapoens and thats the VERY basic explanation.
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