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City: Vancouver, BC
Vessel Name: Misty Morning
Vessel Model: 1983 Northern Tri-cabin
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Okay. It has been a week or two and I have tried some things. You all were so supportive so here is a quick update. After we returned from our trip we unloaded. Removing stuff, especially the heavy cooler from the front helped a bit with the nose buoyancy. After I refilled the aft water tanks things really improved, water line wise. So that is all good. There is still the matter of the bilge though. There is a forward portion which disappears under the holding tank and is separated by a small ridge from where the bilge pump sits so a shallow accumulation of several gallons can accumulate. I shop vac-ed out the forward part of my bilge which yielded distinctly grey off-smelling water. I left it a week (with a freshly emptied holding tank) and it has refilled a bit. All seacocks shut too so it is a mystery where it is coming from. We had a small bit of rain, Next thing is to check if it's salty!
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