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Hi folks,

My name is Billy and I live in Homestead, Florida. I am considering buying a trawler. I have a 28 Contender pretty much loaded up with everything one can put on a center console for sports fishing.

The trawler will be a second boat used for longer trips around here and in the Bahamas. I had in mind to buy a older 34 Mainship. I have seen several for sale for under 50K.

I have sworn my next boat will have a bunk, a coffee pot, and a air

I am 70 and the center console beats me up at times and every time I try to spend the night on the boat it

I have owned several boats, outboards to 32 foot, and three sail boats to 42 foot. I have a lot of boating experience but have never set foot on a trawler.
I have a 100 ton Masters and have run many boats both large and small.

I will make a post in the Mainship forum to get some feedback.

I am always looking to make new friends in the boating world.


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