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Originally Posted by Martin J View Post
If its vinyl a heat gun.
If it's painted use oven cleaner..
Originally Posted by cappy208 View Post
1500 watt hair dryer. But BE CAREFUL not to bubble the underlying painted hull. It's just a couple extra seconds too much and POOF you have a larger job to repair.
Originally Posted by Maerin View Post
To expand on the good advice already posted, if you're working with a gelcoat base, you may want to sand the transom after you remove the old name. If your fiberglass is at all oxidized, the old name will leave a high gloss artifact you'll see under the new name. Sanding will insure the surface is uniform.

Wet sand the entire transom with a rubber block and 600 grit, add a few drops of Dawn to your wet sand bucket to keep the paper from loading and provide a little lubricity. Sand in a cross hatch "X" pattern. Wash off the residue, then buff out with a wool pad buffer and gelcoat compound. Final clean with denatured alcohol, then do the application of the new name.

Patience helps!
Originally Posted by dhays View Post
That is the right idea. I must say though that when I bought my sailboat it had lived in SoCal. The prior owner had put a really cheesy vinyl sticker of a mermaid on either side of the bow. After the boat was shipped but before she was splashed, I removed those. I sanded and buffed but the side that sat facing west in her Marina del Rey home could still be seen in the right light.

Patience and a bit more work would have resolved the problem. However, I was anxious to be out sailing.
Four replies and NOT ONE of you guys who should know better mentioned the hazards of removing and replacing the name without the appropriate recognition of the gods. Please consider conducting the proper ceremony or risk forever wishing you had.
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