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I see that from time to time on this side of the state too. I don't know what they're thinking (or drinking) that makes them forget to turn the lights on, but it pi$$es me off.

What I see occasionally is a jerk who owns a GFBL boat who runs up and down the Columbia well after dark without any lights. At over 55mph. I know who the boat owner is and it doesn't surprise me a bit. He's one who will sit around all day drinking, then take some people out for a "thrill ride". When he does that, he thinks it's funny to be racing along at 50+ then crank the wheel over hard and throw the boat into a slide. One time a couple of years ago when he did that a friend of mine who was on board got tossed around inside the cockpit, thrown against the gunwhale and broke a couple of ribs.

And people wonder why I won't go out on his boat with him. Go figure.
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