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Newbie introduction

Hello All,

Per the suggestion of the Trawler Forum, we are creating a new thread to introduce ourselves. We joined to learn more about living and traveling on a boat. To that end, we are interested in being passengers/crew on a vessel for a few days up to a couple of weeks somewhere in the eastern half of the US, from the Keys to Canada. We boated last year from NYC to Baltimore with a Trawler couple that we stumbled upon who were boating from Buffalo to Ft. Lauderdale and it was a great time for all. We would like to do that again.

About us: We are in our 50's and semi-retired. We work for ourselves (professional engineer and realtor), so have flexible schedules. I (Darren) am a handy guy to have on a boat. I grew up farming so early on I developed set of skills to solve a lot of problems. My engineering background allow me to apply those skills to a wide range of situations. I can operate about anything - boats, heavy equipment, planes (single engine pilot), motorcycles, etc. and am a diver too. Lisa is a great deck hand as well. She is very personable, smart and gets along with just about everyone.

Please contact us here or email us at if you would like some company. Of course we would gladly share expenses.

Darren & Lisa
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