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Originally Posted by Jeff F View Post
I was going to suggest that, but you have to be confident that you're going to spend the CDN before doing that. You don't want to be in the situation where you buy foreign currency and then end up having to convert it back. Maybe you get lucky on exchange rate fluctuations, but more likely you eat a couple of percent on the buy/sell spread. And you could get caught on the wrong side of the currency fluctuations as well...

Just keep the timeline between offer and closing short. Exchange rates in this case don't typically change that quickly. At least not in normal times.
Agree. Also most banks (Not All) Charge a fee to exchange money. The Poster could just make it part of the deal, that they will take US dollars that way they would have to deal with it.

I am sure the seller would take US dollars. Heck we spend US dollars in Canada all the time. Never once did any one say they wouldn't take it.
The hard part is getting rid of the Can. Dollars that we had left. In the States most places will not take it!


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