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offer accepted

Hi All,

Well Friday went very well... darn near. Most importantly, inspected the fuel tanks which are directly amidship, aft of the engine and trans. They are side to side, so they meet at the ship centerline. NO RUST anywhere, no evidence of someone trying to clean them off. Just many years of dirt. They also have 2 8" inspection plates each. Not the prettiest engine room in the world, no pretty white boards with valves and plumbing, but it's all there.

So I'm checking out the engine... started right up, no blue exhaust, or white exhaust, warmed up ok, all seemed good... until I saw the dates on the oil filters and the fuel filters. Several years old.

I made an offer and then later that day recinded the offer until a complete engine serving was performed at the owners expense. Thought that was the end of the deal, wife and I were pretty bumbed. We've been looking at trawlers for over 2 years and never came close to the condition of this boat.

Saturday our broker called and said the owner was paying for a complete engine service to include the Raycores. THEN, he went up a little from my offer, and we accepted. So... this week while we're in Bend Oregon on vacation with family, a full service is being done. After that, we are planning the haul out, pressure wash, survey and sea trial.

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