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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
1st base

You are correct, 101 digging wise to do. Do you know the last time coolant was changed? Also - Original props are no guarantee for correct props. The over heat alarm is an indicator of an issue whether exhaust elbows or ?? Some will argue, but too much prop can lead to full throttle over heat. While you're at it, check tachs against a photo tach.
don't know of last coolant change and haven't learned how to check it to see if it needs it. A way to test the % of coolant left or something? Need to read up on how-to do that.

I will go back over the old receipts but I believe the exhaust elbows were also replaced when PO got ready to cruise. He did me some favors back then and didn't spare much $$$ getting ready. Just got a photo tach but couldn't use it this weekend as it was just wifey and me. I don't like going in engine room while running if there is nobody there for me to yell to. I know it looks relatively safe but I can't see waves, don't know whats going on and no way to contact anyone except cell phone maybe. But I bet you guys figured that out years ago....

I did check the props and they are the original ones designed/sized for the boat. Took off the 4 blade props as I have no business cruising around overpropped. Engines would only get to 2200 rpms with those. Had vibration which led me to have diver check props and they were not in good shape so had the originals, which were on board, tuned and balanced and then put back. Then had the same done to the 4 blades for spare. Nothing like an unplanned $2400 spend but hey it's only boat dollars right? Not like it is real money or anything....
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