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What did happen with this part of our forum? I really don't know. Did someone offend someone in an area that states if you are offended don't come in because you might be offended? Is it the new owner? I'm being totally honest, I don't know why it was closed. In my opinion, as an adult you can read or look at anything you want (as long as minors are not involved) in the privacy of there own worlds. DONT TELL ME WHAT IS OFFENSIVE, Ill make that judgement on my own. And I respect your right to think any damn way you choose, I have guns. I dont care if you look at porno or cooking shows and no one should think they have the right to tell me which one is offensive, cook a nice fat pig in Isreal on tv or let down a skirt in Afganistan,show fights at a hocky game, cheer for Buffalo, offensive to many,the last one for sure, but dont try to tell me how I should feel about these things. This is a open forum with a lot of very intelligent people and I think they for the most part can make up there own minds on what subjects they would like to be involved with and the ones they dont. * Like TV or movies, if you find that channel or film is offensive, DONT WATCH IT! Dont tell me that I cant. OK, had to vent. Now ,really someone tell me why OTDE is no more. BB
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