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Having owned many boats of different design I have come to the conclusion that a well found sail boat with a short sturdy rig a moderate sized engine with a three bladed prop and greater tank-age than standard would make the least expensive most seaworthy craft. Most of the boats on this sight whose owners consider their boats trawlers don't even come close in my opinion. The fly in the ointment is the lack of adequate cottage and the reluctance to deal with sail even a short rig. Maybe boats ought to be subdivided by usage into Sea boat,cottage boats and sport boats and then we can ditch the meaningless trawler moniker. Yes there would be cross over where a cottage boat like a NH would also be a Sea boat but that system of defining use and type would be far more meaningful and useful than the undefinable Trawler designation. I think my row boat is a trawler how can you tell me otherwise? You can, so define trawler, so I know what is not. I see you can tell when you see one.
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