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Originally Posted by bridaus View Post
Hi there,

I'm a private pilot, boated a bunch when I was young on the Connecticut River, some as an adult but all on less than 20' outboards. I have a 10 year plan to retire and cruise the world.

My very specific question: I have booked a charter in Florida on a GB 42 twin screw. I want to gain experience before I go there to maximize our time relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

I have found a training captain (multiple) here in the Northeast, but I can't find equipment to do training on that is similar size/configuration (over 30 ft, twin engine).

Any suggestions on getting equipment for training that closely matches what I'll be doing in Florida? Again, captain/training isn't the issue, equipment in this region is. I will eventually give in and just take training on what they have, and then whatever the charter wants me to do in Florida will have to cover the rest, but I was really hoping to get some done here. I've searched for rent/charter/training high and low, called a number of people and friends, but nothing yet.

Any/all thoughts appreciated, if you know someone/a business, thanks!
The charter companies I would imagine you're using on the west coast of FL have excellent captains and they're likely to require you use on at least the first day. You could turn that trip into a great learning vacation.
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