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First post - Building Experience

Hi there,

I'm a private pilot, boated a bunch when I was young on the Connecticut River, some as an adult but all on less than 20' outboards. I have a 10 year plan to retire and cruise the world.

My very specific question: I have booked a charter in Florida on a GB 42 twin screw. I want to gain experience before I go there to maximize our time relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

I have found a training captain (multiple) here in the Northeast, but I can't find equipment to do training on that is similar size/configuration (over 30 ft, twin engine).

Any suggestions on getting equipment for training that closely matches what I'll be doing in Florida? Again, captain/training isn't the issue, equipment in this region is. I will eventually give in and just take training on what they have, and then whatever the charter wants me to do in Florida will have to cover the rest, but I was really hoping to get some done here. I've searched for rent/charter/training high and low, called a number of people and friends, but nothing yet.

Any/all thoughts appreciated, if you know someone/a business, thanks!
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