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I have been stalking the trawler forum for years now and finally took the plunge to join. During my stalking I have been impressed with the quality of advice and the congenial nature put forth in this forum .

I have been living in Japan for 30 years and have the opportunity going forward from 2018 to spend summers back in my home state of NJ on Long Beach Island. I am not currently an owner but have a plan in place to acquire a project boat to live on in the summer months with the hope of developing a skill set to take advantage of the trawler way of life in future years.

I am a total newb when it comes to boating but have always been attracted to the life style a trawler offers. One of the reasons I am attracted to this lifestyle is that I am a waterman, surf, kayak, snorkel, fish, swim... It is now time to add boating to the repertoire.

Thanks for having me,

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