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markpierce wrote:Tidahapah wrote:
Tony B,
For wind assist you can allways look at a parachute, especially for smaller boats.
A 28 ft para will pull a boat along at a few knots.
They sell for a couple of hundred dollars.
Worth looking at.
*Have you used a parachute?* Has anyone here used a parachute?* I can imagine many negative scenarios.

markpierce, your boat is awesome and love the 'cross-dressing' too, it looks like a real solid vessel (will work towards something like that) ...

re: parachute,,* was just thinking something similar the other day, was watching these land racers drive around desert with a big kite.**

I haven't seen it on boats either, but a parachute/kite concept 'seems' doable, benefit being you could reduce lateral tension on a mast, probably might not even need a mast of very much height...

But, you would have to have a way to collapse* and retrieve the parachute/kite....

but cool idea to toss around...

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