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Which Style Trawler?

Marin wrote....
".....But for a rainy, damp, windy climate, I think the Europa configuration in any size boat offers a real advantage. I can't speak for what works best in a hot climate because I detest hot weather so would never find myself boating in a climate like that........"

Tony, I initially was sold on the idea of the aft cabin type boat for the accommodation reasons Marin and others have already mentioned, but in reality one does not take friends or family out on longer than extended day outings very often...I think most would agree on that.* My wife would not hear of an aft cabin style, she wanted a Europa/sedan style, and that was that.* So, as that style in the CHB 34 vintage I could afford to buy debt free, which was the aim, it took longer to find one - few were made in that style back in the 70s and 80s - now they nearly all are.* That last statement is worth pondering over....

Coming back to Marin's comment above, I can now admit, and we did finally find*a 1975 vintage sedan (see avatar),*some 10 yrs ago, and I have to admit my wife was right, and it was worth the wait.* We are in Queensland, a climate Marin would probably not like, but I can at least confirm the covered side decks and cockpit and the sort of indoor-outdoor type of living it allows for, are just as good in the hotter climate conditions*as the cooler wetter conditions, only in this case it shelters from the sun, and also the sudden tropical downpours, without having to shut everything up.

Others have said enough on the number of engines, but one thing I would say is the only gripe we have is the Vee berth, and if I was going to live aboard, like others have said, I also would strongly endorse the move to the 40 -45 ft size.* Then you can still have the nice covered cockpit, and a queen-sized walk-around bed in the bow, and probably a separate bunk room up front for the odd guest (or storage), as well, with at least one decent sized bathroom.

The other option mentioned by some of the raised sun-deck type with both for'd and aft staterooms, but with the full-sized cockpit - well more like a terrace really, (and probably a bit less*safe for grandkids?),*above the aft room, is also a good compromise for the outdoor living aspect and accommodation potential, but has the downside generally of moving the whole operation into the bigger sizes again, (44ft plus, although the new Corvette 34 is an exception),*and some dock/dinghy-handling issues caused by height above the water, the lack of a near-waterline access to swim step, dinghy, and for fishing etc, and probably twin engines almost without exception.* That's my cent's worth....

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