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Originally Posted by Fleetmate View Post
Hello, all.

I just had an almost six-digit windfall drop into my lap. After a week of feeling gobsmacked and wondering what I was going to DO about this, I woke up one day last week with the answer clear in my mind:

I'm buying a trawler.

Haven't decided on which one, exactly, yet.

Big-ish, as I drive semi-truck for a living and am full up to *here* with Tiny House living. Diesel, of course, and I am actually neutral on the single vs twin issue. I spent years and years working as a deckhand on the Mississippi and Ohio river towboats and harbor tugs, so handling a good big boat is nothing new to me-- though I freely admit I'm rusty.

So I wanted to thank in advance all who will help me in the coming months, will be patient with my dim-bulb questions, who will help me chart a true course to a good solution. Y'all seem like a friendly bunch and I'm much looking forward to getting to know everyone better.
Wow, that must be a great feeling. I bought a Powerball ticket in a syndicate for a large jackpot next week the other never know...

However, great position to be in, and welcome to the forum. It is a bit like riding a bike. If you've handled largish boats before, no biggie. Just enjoy the process and joy of being seriously in the game, and being a cash buyer, and all the benefits that brings...take your time, be discriminating, and if in doubt, run those doubts past us here on the forum. We'll be happy to help you spend your money.
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