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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
A good question. But, if we asked all vendors to technically support their products for all applications it seems a bit over the top.
Well, the Air Sep guy asked if he could help anyone with his product in his opening statement, so I asked him to justify his product for use in 80% of our trawler engines. I also stated that I don't see any need for it on the two engines I am intimately familiar with: the Perkins NA and the Yanmar 6LY.

His answer was clear and noted that there are other reasons for an Air Sep than to control the engine's vent.

Given that this was a specific vendor, posting in our commercial section that invited questions, I don't see how my question is over the top.

I learned something and I think that the discriminating reader learned something as well. Seems like that is the purpose of this forum.

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