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AIRSEP on typical 4 cycle engine

Thanks Sunchaser, that is a good point, but happy to reply regarding 4 cycle engines.

As in any outdoor sport or recreation, there are different levels of equipment owners and their expectations. While correct in saying that the AIRSEPS solved a multitude of problems for older Detroit Diesels including crankcase pressure issues, oil leaks etc..., the AIRSEP was later selected by factory engineers at Caterpillar, MTU, Cummins, and even Yanmar (older 6LY mechanical) because it proved that it certainly added value and improve the overall engine packages.

The benefits were different, and while no longer viewed as a "problem solver", the AIRSEP was viewed as a value added item that included some intake noise reduction, a true air filter instead of foam, to better protect the engine, and the elimination of ccv fumes to help in reduce the noxious smell often detected in the salon of a diesel powered vessel. No different than any added feature in an engine or automobile that some customers would be glad they had it...while others would argue they never saw a need for it. That said, the market interest in our product shows an increase in the number of boaters that want the best technology for their engine, as the engine is a key investment in owning a vessel. While it may not be for everybody, the customers that specify, insist, and buy the AIRSEP for 4 cycle engines are generally pleased they did, and welcomed an opportunity to enhanced their engine packages.

Sound reduction, longevity of air filter, quality of air filtration are all sound reasons AIRSEPS are specified on many engine models both domestic and international. The continued evolution of the diesel engine, and it's cleaner burn, will no doubt evolve the AIRSEP in future years to continue to complement the engine packages of tomorrow.
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