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Originally Posted by djmarchand View Post
Welcome to the forum.

I know that Air Seps are the cats meow for Detroit Diesels. They control blowby venting and all of the fumes, soot and oil is filtered, collected and returned to the crank case.

But can you make the case for a typical 4 cycle engine used in most older trawlers, like the Lehman or Perkins. My buddy has a couple on his trawler and I don't see any fumes, soot or oil in the vent.

Even less so for a more modern engine like the Yanmar 6LY. I get a drop of oil out of the blowby tube every 10 hours or so. I just wash out the air filter element every 100 hours or so and all is good.


A good question. But, if we asked all vendors to technically support their products for all applications it seems a bit over the top. Only about 25 products mentioned on TF come to mind, possibly headed by anchors and rodes. Or why do we support product XYZ for acid flushing engines, fuel filter/polishing setups, synthetic oil brand ABC or fuel stabilizer DEF. The list of products is as mentioned, long. Meaning of course the challenges can be and are many from doubters.

TF members have run off many well intentioned NAs, industry product suppliers and reps and brokers. I'd hate to see it happen to Air Sep who as you say have a product that works acceptably for many.
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