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RE: Fire Suppression

dwhatty wrote:
Is an automatic shut down necessary or required when the boat does not have powered engine room ventilation? If not necessary or required, is it desirable or advisable? We will be putting in fire suppression over winter haul out for next season and all the manufacturers' literature says auto shut down is required on diesel. No powered ventilation on our boat.
*Even though you do not have ER blowers, as Rick says, a running engine(s) can remove the chemical before the fire is extinguished.* This makes an engine shutdown both highly desirable and advisable.* In addition, the shutdown system can be configured to activate powered ER vent blocking.

The Fireboy ES3000 that I have installed has an emergency override switch on the dash to keep the engine running in an emergency maneuvering situation, but you better have a very good reason for jeopardizing putting the fire out.

If you have to take the time to cover ER vents with wet towels, make sure your suppressant chemical container is oversized for the space.
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