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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
Ahh. According to that DAntonio article. it appears my prop nuts are installed backwards.

I have a little play in the prop, so I hope the key and keyway are OK. Thanks for that additional info. And it does seem like I have a little more vibration than I used to.

I'm at a DIY yard in the middle of a bunch of shrimp boats so no yacht type experts here.
Thin nut first. No impact wrench. Find one of the shrimpers that is friendly (might cost you a beer or two) and he can enlighten you on the wobbly prop as well as some other things you might want to know. These guys know boats. Haven't done this to a prop on a real boat but laping compound does the trick to seat the prop correctly on my model race boats (up to 30k RPM).
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