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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
My opinion...

Do not even think about moving aboard full time. I'm serious, do not even consider it.

If your wife is considering a trawler, and if a trawler is something you are interested in, then go boat shopping... with her

Start with getting her into the boating lifestyle. To some that means more dock time than anchor'ing out. Figure out what she likes.

If you both ever get to a point where you want to make the jump to full time liveaboard it will be a natural progression.
That says it pretty well. Actually living on a boat full time is a big step and most people will never do it. If you can keep your trawler close to home, it's a good weekend getaway just staying on it a couple days docked at the marina.

Take short trips, then longer trips as you both become accustomed to the boat.
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