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I chose our new-to-us boat - its a Kadey Krogen 42. I LOVE it. He gets to have the engine room, pilot house and foredeck all his way - and I get the rest. I think that the most important thing to understand is to clearly delineate who is in charge of what. He docks the boat and I handle the lines. It is my job to have the lines all organized for docking while he concentrates on getting the boat up to the dock so I can step off with the spring line in my hand. When we are docking, I am the one checking to see how far we are away from the dock, is his approach angle correct. We don't question each other - I am in charge of my stuff and he is in charge of his. He cannot see exactly where the boat is in relation to the dock - and with the KK it is going to be even harder - he needs me to be his eyes. Talk out with her on who is going to do what. Abort it - if it isn't going. She needs to trust you - but you also need to trust her. Let her practice. Talk out the process and what to do when and if.

I know I sound serious but I have been happily boating with my husband for years - because we followed this. We see couples yelling and screaming at each other - and that is a guarantee that there won't be another trip on the water.
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