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RE: Skipper or Captian?

GonzoF1 wrote:
I guess that with all things considered, I'm even uncomfortable being called, "Sir". And along the same lines, I tried to avoid being called an audio "engineer" when I was running shows because I never got an engineering degree. I was a "soundman" or "soundperson" (or A1 or A2). I suppose I am trying, in vain apparently, to have a little more respect for people that actually EARN the right to be called Captain. It just gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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*I think the term Captain in general boating*is used mostly because most of the time neither person knows the other person given name so to be polite they call you Captain.* As you are the person in charge of the vessel at that time.* Sounds better than some other names that could be, and at times deservedly, used.

"Hey Dumb A**"" sounds so crude.* It may be true but crude none the less.

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