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Welcome David, always nice to meet a new Californian owner.

Much of the credit for the information provided here really belongs to Al (FlyWright). He's done most of the leg work.

Indeed the 30' is a pretty rare model. I've seen three of them in the 40 years since I bought my Californian. No idea how many were made. There was one 30' flybridge model at the Anacortes, Wa boat show last year. I think there are pictures somewhere here in the Californian threads. (ps: Actually the pics are in this thread. I posted them 2 years ago. Time flies when you're having fun. )

Also if you haven't already noticed it, in the pinned Californian resource posts, is one thread titled "42' Californian owners manual" It appears to be more or less a generic owners manual covering all the Californian models at the time it was published. It contains references and schematics for the 30', 34', 38', and 42' models. There are some specific references to the 30' in the literature.

Best of Luck
Larry B
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