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I have quite a number of anchors and have never had any significant problems retrieving anchors. I'd consider the dificulty breaking out as an issue and choose another anchor. Danforths can be a little difficult but all my other anchors come right up. Even the Manson Supreme. The MS having such astonishing holding power at very short scope would be a prime candidate for breakout problems .. one would think. But having mentioned the MS bringing up lots of mud very often is propably a bigger broblem than dificulty breaking out. Hmmm

Problems like this frequently are related to bottom types. Florida sand and PNW mud are quite different. I really don't have a problem w my MS re bringing up mud but lately my MS dosn't have a roll bar.

I haven't had a Dan bend either. And my favorite back up anchor is a 13lb Dan w forged shank. Never a problem. It came w the boat when new I'm sure as too many Willard 30' boats have one on deck and I'm sure many others are belowdecks .. like mine. I won't part w it. This one has sheetmetal flukes. I have a 22lb Dan w the forged double flanged flukes and a forged shank w a big fat hinge eye at the stock. I think it's as good as Dans get but I haven't used it .. not had it long.

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