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Searching for a specific topic among all of the threads…

In the past I was happy to roam around TF reading threads that caught my attention… Having recently purchased a Nordic tug, I'm trying now to get smart on a few topics and in doing so I've tried to search specific topics among the various threads. The problem I'm having is that it seems like you can't search for anything longer than a one-word description.
For example if I wanted to look into something on "Long Island" and put that in the search engine, I come up with 1 million results with the word "long" and another million with the word "island" in the text. And I think it would only be by coincidence that one or two might be related to Long Island!

I also tried searching for a specific model of Motorola radios, and got 1 million responses related to the word "Motorola".

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a limitation of the search engine?

Thank you in advance.
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