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Mainship Twin / Single -Speed

Originally Posted by Mainship400 View Post
I had the single engine 400T (just sold it). We opened the large center hatch and the starboard hatch to access the engine. You could get to the port side with a little bilge yoga. My next boat will probably have twin engines for all the reasons that Doug stated.
We just met a couple in Yarmouth who traveled 5,000 miles on their Mainship 43 Aftcabin. The boat had twin Cummins 330 and cruised at about 12 knots, capable of 16 knot speeds. I have the same hull, pilot version and run cruising speeds of 15-16 knots, capable of 22 knots with twin Yanmar 440's. I bring this up because if your going with twins, but still want to cruise at 10 knots, make sure that the twins are lower HP engines. Diesels need to run at 75-80 % power at cruising speeds. Running all the time at 50 % is not good for the motors, especially if they have have turbos. (Always heard this, but had it confirmed at Mack Borings diesel 2 day seminar). So you have to power your boat accordingly or if buying used, make sure that the power meets your desired cruising speeds.
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