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Mounting Downriggers

Originally Posted by Conrad View Post
Our NT42 came with Cannon Downriggers mounted on both sides of the cockpit. They seem to work well (I'm not a fisherman but have family who are fanatics).
Blue Sky also came with a troll valve that was electrically controlled; this brought the speed down from 4 knots at idle to around 2.5. For a variety of reasons we switched out the electric control to manual, which gives us infinite control from 4 knots down to 0.
One other consideration is an intercom system from the helm to the cockpit; this helps immensely.
The attached photo shows the general arrangement of the downriggers.
Conrad, how are those downriggers mounted? Can I get a closer photo? I am (hopefully) purchasing a NT 42 and would like to move my Canon downriggers over to the tug, when the time comes. Thanks!
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