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Originally Posted by Carolena;
We hate the idea of being without a boat between the time we sell and whenever we find what we want (our list of prefered boats is relativley short so finding what we want at any particular time would not be an easy task).
That is emotion that could really bite you if not dismissed. In your OP you keep repeating "can't afford two boats."

Though there are critical details missing, I will fill in some blanks and assume the boat you are interested in is brokered, local and you have been aboard.

If so, I (me personally) would really dig into the broker and if he appears to be a good one, with a proven record of working hard for his clients, I would talk to him.

Put your situation to him and have him make it all happen. Two commissions are a big incentive. I would though, make it clear that if he gets my listing and the other boat sells first, I might withdraw the listing and step back for a bit.

If the boat is a FSBO, at some distance, maybe you have not had a real good look at it, or you can't shake the emotional part quoted above, all bets are off.
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