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Newbie Here From Ohio

Gary from Ohio here...Thanks for letting me in.
Not boat owners yet but narrowing down the search.
The Wife is on board for maybe living on our find. The loop maybe?? Travel in general!
Pretty much narrowed the field down to maybe a 38 footer with a single diesel engine.
I have been a maintenance mechanic and tinkerer, all of my life so upkeep and repairs/upgrades are kind of second nature here. I hold a US Patent so i am not a total idiot, or am I.
A question, hopefully not too foolish, has been nagging at me.
We are going to have to have some sort of land transportation. My thought is either mopeds or older honda 90's.
On an Albin or Marine Trader or others with a mast, can that horizontal arm(I am sure it has a correct name) be used as a hoist for maybe 120 pounds to swing the bike over to the dock or seawall?
It appears to me that if a swivel were fashioned for the lower arm that that arm could then be used as a cherry picker of sorts?? My be rotateable already. IF Feasible, how much weight, roughly, could one lift? assuming you had enough pulleys to make it an easy lift.

Thanks in advance for any response and if this is a stupid question well just consider the source.
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