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Originally Posted by JDCAVE View Post
It's not the gauge I'm concerned about but wire colour. Sorry I wasn't clear. Is green the proper colour for ground or is that reserved for bonding wire?

The electrician and the solar panel electrical engineer,were ok with the gauge. 3 panels totalling 435 watts. The cable run is 15' for each panel to the combiner box on the 10 gauge and 30 feet to the batteries with the controller in between.
Hello Jim.

I would be concerned about the gauge more than the color. I have 445 watts on a regular Morningstar30 solar controller.

I found when the amps in topped 20 my 8 gauge wires were getting warm -- too warm. I called Morningstar asking how large a wire I could fit into the slots. They said 6 gauge.

Side Note: It was 5' from the buss bars to the controller and 6' to the batteries. 8 Gauge was not sufficient.

I upgraded and now the wires are the same temperature.

Like you I have 10 gauge to a buss bar. From there to the controller is now 6 gauge. And 6 gauge out to the batteries. I would definitely upgrade. Theoretically I could be pushing 27 amps down those wires. Bigger is better.
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