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Originally Posted by Dougcole View Post
4. Engine access. Some on here are going to howl about this, but due to the layout of the ER Hatches, engine access on the 400T is the same as, if not better, on the twin. You open one hatch and you are down between the engines without moving any furniture. To access the port side of the engine on the single you have to move the couch.
Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Do the engines have service points on the outboard sides? What does it take to access outboard sides of each engine in the twin set-up?
Originally Posted by Dougcole View Post
Yes, there are service points on the "outside of the engines." I'd call the access to that area fair but not great. Main thing is a few zincs, which are pretty easy, the raw water pump and impeller on the port side (you have to pull the pump, but you have to do that anyway to access the impeller) and the oil filter on the Stb side which I change by punching a hole in it and draining it into a milk jug.

Aside from the couch things, which sounds like it an issue in both configurations...

I'd have thought all that outboard work on the twins version would mean all-round engine access on the single is better...

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