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Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
Just joined the forum as my wife and I head toward retirement and a cruising lifestyle. Hoping you folks can provide sage advise. We looking at a 40-45' power boat that will be based in St. Pete's, FL

Our cruising style is 7-8 kts but I like knowing I have more speed available if necessary to avoid weather, etc. We'll probably spend about a week at a time on the boat, maybe a few weeks in the Bahamas or who knows, we might do The Loop some year. Usually it's just the two of us but will probably have guests for day trips or looking forward to welcoming new marina friends on board for a cocktail; ie entertaining space. We've bounced around a lot of styles but we keep coming back to trawlers and I'm seeing everything we need plus decent value in the Mainship 40 (opinions welcomed please).

What I'm really struggling with is single or twin engines. I see the advantages of each:
Single - better fuel economy (I assume), lower maintenance costs, more room to service the engine, etc
Twin - reliability of two engines, faster at WOT, better maneuverability (although bow thruster is standard on the singe, it seems lots of the twins have them as well)

My problem is I don't know which of these are significant advantages.
Sorry for the lengthy post but any insights or general comments on the Mainship 40 much appreciated
We seem to share common goals. I am already steering away from twins based upon fuel consumption, added weight and added cost to maintain etc. I totally agree on the bow and better yet, bow and stern thrusters. I have been seriously looking at the mainship lineup, I like the layout and the cost. I have heard though that they are really meant for inter coastal cruising etc and also do not track as well as others due to a smaller keel? I have also been looking at the tug lineup, between American, Nordic etc. Much more expensive than the Mainship but seem to be able to handle more water
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