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I bit the bullet and bought a Makita 9227C a couple of boats ago, which I use primarily with 3M products. I use fresh wool pads and I am careful to follow instructions and use it in the recommended weather.

The Makita has performed very well and has not required any maintenance. It has a variable speed dial with an on/off trigger. I am very pleased with the outcomes on gelcoat surfaces ranging from moderate oxidation (previous owner neglect) to annual polishing. I think this is probably a commercial-grade machine, which is well-made, and probably will not wear out with "hobby" use. I apply/remove paste wax by hand following gelcoat restoration.

A couple of weeks ago, I polished IRENE's hull for the first time since last summer. I used a little heavier compound this time, and the results were even better than last year. She cleaned up so well that I applied 2 coats of paste wax. I am seeing better results using a 2-step process, compound and wax, versus a one step compound with wax in the same step.

My staple supplies are the 3M Marine Finesse-it II Glaze and the 3M Marine Compound and Finishing Material.

If I was starting over, I would buy another Makita buffer without hesitation. I have no affiliation with either brand - they just work well for me.

Good Luck!
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