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Originally Posted by Steve View Post

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Welcome aboard -
Talk about switching from Go Fast - to Go Slow!... Watch out for whip lash!
Goin' slow ain't all that bad.
i haven't given up on drag racing. i will still be tuning and driving the brother inlaws car. so i will still get my go fast fix.

Originally Posted by Art View Post
Why not have both... in a way - LOL

I noticed you mentioned "... trawler type boat." Soooo I provide you with this post... from me... a "rock n' roll" 64 yr. "Salt"

1. Planing hull self contained boat (in this forum sometimes termed a "trawler-light", because to carry "Trawler" nomenclature many here think displacement hull is required - get over it guys! LOL)

2 Classic Muscle Car - That's Self Explanatory!


I have very affordable 34' Tollycraft tri cabin, self contained, planing hull boat with Crestliner tow behind outboard. Tolly can do WOT in low 20 knots per hr (cruises at 16 to 17 knots all day) Crestlined gets 39 knots at WOT and cruises nice at 25 knots. Neither is extravagant on fuel use... although it can end up costing a few bucks!

I also have 1967 Buick Wildcat... really cool Luxury-Muscle Car! And a hopped up 1985 1 ton 4 WD, 4 spd (with transfer box for 8 speeds total), full sized fleet-side, 4" lifted... Chevy Silverado truck! We also have an SUV, and two econo cars - that I seldom drive, but wife likes em!

Point is - - > No Need to go TOOOOO Slow in Life! IMHO - Displacement boat hulls may be great for crossing oceans at s-l-o-w economy speeds... but planing hull boats are much more fun under vast array of general boating conditions.
10-4. nice toys!

i see we think along the same lines. i am a loooong way off from retirement so if/when i do make a trip i won't have an over abundance of time for transit. so i will take my time and put down on paper what i want vs what i need then go from there.
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