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can you put toilet paper into one of these new electric macerating toilets?

Yes, the all china "thrones" can even chew up extra strong premium TP....but NOT WET WIPES!!! "Basic" macerating toilets and even manual toilets can easily handle quick-dissolve TP. Just be sparing with it.

Do they work well going overboard as well as to the holding tank?

A toilet isn't gonna do anything different to a flush going into a tank than it does to a flush going overboard. No toilet will completely liquify TP...there will be snow unless it also goes through a treatment device. Up to you whether to flush it overboard.

My old Raritan electrics are just manuals with a motor to drive the hand pump. And LOUD! lol Thanks. Kevin

Putting a motor on a PHII (or any manual toilet) is the equivalent of putting
jet engine on a bicycle...'cuz the motor only replaces the pump still have a manual toilet pump that still needs all the maintenance required by manual toilets. What's more, the motor pumps the toilet with a shorter and faster stroke than pumping manually so it takes longer to prime, wearing out seals and o-rings a lot faster unless you're scrupulous about keeping the pump very well lubricated. Shorter faster pumping also can result in the toilet "choking" on flushes that slower more deliberate flushing can easily push through the system....As you've noted it's NOISY...what's more, the motor alone costs almost as much as a basic macerating toilet like the Raritan SeaEra...more if you only swap out the pump and base for the SeaEra "conversion."

It's only popular with sailors who want the "push button convenience" of an electric toilet but want to be able to convert to manual in the even of a power failure. But if you have a power outage so catastrophic that you can't even flush a toilet, you have a lot more to worry about than that...'cuz you're not likely to have nav lights, nav equipment, communications or maybe even no steerage...but you DO still have a bucket and some rope you can use to lower if over the side to "flush" it.

Chris, Both my VFlush pumps were under my was the CHUNKacHUNKaCHUNKA of the vacuum pump under my bed in the middle of the night that could even blow Rip van Winkle out his 20 year nap. Making sure the "night switch" (switch in the head that turned of power to the pump, but not the water) was on helped considerably.

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