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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
Peter, See that's your problem. Don't you know by now that digital is the new reality. If it doesn't see it, it doesn't exist.

My mother had the same problem: she'd call me on my cell and since she heard it ringing, If i did not answer, it meant I chose not to answer it.

And PS, you know that they tout that range not because people are curious what's happening at 20,000ft, but becasuse 95% of the buyers assume they are referring to the surface and don't even ask about the suspenion of the laws of physics.

Oh wait, I forgot, those Laws were suspended by the Digital Internet Act of 1998.
And it's 3G, so it must be better. But wait, now there's 4G which must be even better. Oh, and how could Halo be anything but divine.

I think a big part of the issue is that most recreational boaters will use only 1 radar, or maybe 2 in their whole lives, so have little to nothing to compare against. If little dots show up on the screen, success is declared. It's nobody's fault as people aren't born knowing about radars. I just got lucky and the first one I really used extensively happened to be a good one, so when I started using the Simrad radars including the 4G, they stood out, and not in a good way.
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