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Originally Posted by TDunn View Post
If you want to see out 30 miles you are going to have to mount your antenna pretty high. My radar is 19' above the waterline. Based on Furuno's radar horizon calculator (Radar Horizon Calculator) I can see a 10' high target at 9 miles and a 40' high target (ship) at 13 miles. So 30 miles range is of no value to me.
Cant see the beach...but you can see a 20,000 foot thunderhead quite a ways out...well over 72 miles...

And I have, and I have chosen a course through bad stuff long before the bases were visible.

Not everyone cares or uses this feature...but fish 60 miles offshore with summer buildups over land that cut you off...and it's pretty useful....maybe lifesaving knowing how many have been out there and those that never came back in similar situations.

Even my 24NM radar has saved my bacon numerous times in my sportfish and assistance towboat before smartphones.

I could see the same feature useful if you did a lot of alongshore travel out of cel phone range and those times coming back to Florida from the Bahamas....depending on your schedule.
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